Handmade Genuine Leather Case Specification

All our high-quality iPhone and Samsung leather cases are handcrafted from high-quality vegetable tanned real leather.

Our cases are engineered to offer protection for your device from the tests of time and nature, while Cutouts in the liner and soft touch button covers allow access to all of your phone’s ports and functions.

A minimal and protective case that does not compromise your phone.

Wireless chargers can be used with the case on.

The oval camera opening is shaped carefully to prevent interfering with the iPhone or Samsung device’s built-in flash.

Round edges and ultra-slim profile gives your phone perfect protection and beautiful stylish looking.

It is not only a case, but it is also a handy and easily organized wallet that keeps your old bag or purse at home

Care Introductions

  • Keep leather products from getting wet. In the event that they do get wet, ensure they have plenty of time to air dry before storing.
  • When storing leather goods, keep them away from sunlight.
  • Keep leather products away from damp areas to prevent mildew.
  • Store in a cool location with low humidity.
  • Keep leather away from chemicals, solvents, and paints.
  • To clean: use a dry neutral colored fabric to wipe off dust or marks.
  • To condition: spot test using your favorite leather conditioner, let dry, and gauge results before conditioning the entire product to prevent discoloration or staining.

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