VibeZ 6.2


        VibeZ 6.2  by CaseYard technology designed to deliver better low-frequency performance, clear vocals, and Hi-Res high-frequency up to 40 Khz. These sport headphones ensure you to enjoy HiFi music during workout or commute

           –  VibeZ 6.2 has ergonomic fit 120° angle and  100% secure and comes with multiple ear tips solutions.when jogging.

           –  VibeZ 6.2 ear tips are specially designed to give a secure fit for the purest sound and maximum isolation from noise. 

           –  VibeZ 6.2 come with noise-cancelling microphone built in.

–  VibeZ 6.2 Bluetooth.

           –  VibeZ 6.2  battery capacity provides up to 16 hours non-stop playback.

           –  VibeZ 6.2 with one full charge supports up to 7 days of use if you use the VibeZ for 2-3 hours a day. 

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